The Cold Killer by Ross Greenwood

Crime thriller with thrills and great characters

My rating:  4 out of 5

The Cold Killer is counting the weeks down until he leaves prison. Meanwhile members of the criminal world start dying and/or going missing  so DI Barton and his team have to puzzle out who is behind it, and who might be the next victim.

In the midst of plenty of action and twists, there are personal moments, and views of life in prison – as a warder and as a prisoner.  This is a crime thriller that gives the thrill of DI Barton’s chase as well as insights into the personal lives of the great characters.    

This is the first of the DI Barton series I have read (this is the 4th in the series), and it is a great story with plenty of opportunities for the reader to guess who is behind it all. Everything is cleared up well at the end, but certainly left me wanting to read the rest of the series (I see Books 1 – 3 are available as a “Kindle Box set” 😊) 

4*s from me, as there were times when I got a little confused as to who was who, caused by my having come into the series at Book 4.   What a great author! 

Publisher:  Boldwood Books

Publication Date:  25 November 2021

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