The Coronation by Justin Newland

Historical fiction, with fantasy, set in 1760s Prussia

The harvest is in on Countess Marion’s Prussian estate, but the war against Russia and Austria continues and her husband is away fighting.  Marion is finding ill health and running the estate hard to cope with. 

After the Russians take her harvest, Marion is left to wonder how to keep her workers and staff alive, but strange things start happening after Ian Fermor from Scotland enters her world.

I enjoyed reading about life on a large estate in Prussia, and the interesting customs and traditions that are held.  There are many references to the realities of life at this time (1761 onwards), but little detail.  Machines are being introduced to the working world, with mixed reactions, and medical practices of the time are barbaric.  

The fantasy was like visions, so (mostly) quite believable to me (I read little fantasy).

Overall I found this an interesting read, if a little light on detail.  The writing flows well, and the story is easy to follow and the characters interesting.  Great for lovers of historical fiction with some fantasy thrown in.

My rating:  3 out of 5

Set in: Prussia

Publishers: Matador Books

Publication Date: December 2019

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