The Drowning Game by LS Hawker

Fast paced thriller with twists     

My rating:  5 out of 5     

Petty’s father dies and, for the first time in her 18 year old unconventional life, Petty is alone miles from anywhere and anyone, in a remote part of Kansas.  Finally she can live the “northe-drowning-gamemal” life she has always dreamed of and planned for.  However dreams can be thwarted, even by the dead.

This fast paced thriller follows Petty, over a short timeline, as she tries to escape the future her father has planned for her, outrun the police and various others out to get her,  and find out why her father brought her up in the way he did.   The few main characters come to life as Petty uses all her wits, and father’s training, to try to survive and discover the truth about herself and her family.

I loved this book.  I found it exciting and gripping, plus it has some interesting psychological angles.  I was totally involved with the main characters, and enjoyed the cliff hangers many chapters ended with.    No question that is a 5* rating from me, because of the enjoyment and entertainment value of the book.

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