The Existence of Amy by Lana Grace Riva

A glimpse into a life so different

My Rating:  5 out of 5

This is a novel about Amy, and the challenges she faces everyday – though to look at Amy, with her successful job and her flat etc you’d be surprised to find out that life is a struggle. 

Amy finds much of her life more challenging than that of other people she knows because of her mental health.  The story is told from Amy’s perspective, about her work, her great colleagues, and the possibility of love, and also the times that she finds more difficult.   Amy really  appreciates the kindness of her colleagues, and the fun that is on offer,  but often can’t quite bring herself to join in.  This novel is about how people perceive Amy’s choices and why Amy is forced to make them.  It is also about how from dark times can come positives.

5*s for this beautiful insight into Amy’s life, and how she copes with OCD and mental health issues.  I found it a kind, interesting and beautiful novel about the lives of people we all meet everyday, who we may not realise are facing such challenges, and how the actions of others can make a  positive difference. 

(I bought this book in August 2020, and in my version the first quarter of the book has a few typos.  These may well have been resolved whilst this book has been on my TBR shelf.)

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