The Ice by Laline Paull


Mystery and Intrigue in the Arctic     

My rating:  5 out of 5


 A dramatic and gripping mystery, with loads of interesting information about the Arctic.

The Ice UKWhilst on a luxury cruise on the lookout for polar bears Tom’s body is spotted, having been brought to the surface by a dramatic ice calving event.  How did Tom die?  What does Tom’s friend Sean know that he is keeping quiet about?   There is a lot of mystery and intrigue to keep the reader interested in this thriller.  At the beginning of each chapter is a wonderful illustration, and at the end of each chapter is an excerpt from explorers, and others, who have written about the Arctic – absolutely fascinating.   A bibliography is included.

The spectacle of the ice is described in such a way that you feel you have seen it, and as you are drawn into this great story, the facts and storyline about the Arctic add extra depth to an already gripping book.   This is a 5* read for me, and I am now wondering how feasible a visit to the Arctic would be.

This is Laline Paull’s second book and it is completely different to her first, The Bees, which I also rated 5*s.   The common theme is that this is an author who researches her topic thoroughly, and writes a great story, with lots of interesting details that will have you talking about her books for a long time after you have finished them.

See also my review of The Bees by Laline Paull   the-bees-130-x-199

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  1. ooh I love the sound of this one! I love mysteries that are set in unusual and isolated environments and I’m not sure I’ve read anything set in the Arctic before.

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  2. Aha! Now THIS interests me – I’ve had the bees one on my list for a while, but this looks more up my street.


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