The Lady in the Veil by Allie Cresswell

Historical Fiction with mystery and drama

My rating:  5 out of 5

Georgina Willow’s mother is about to remarry and go on away on a tour, so Georgina must go and stay with relatives in London.  Thus begins this absorbing historical fiction novel, set in 1835,  which has mystery and drama plus fascinating information of the time.

George Talbot is thrilled to have his cousin to stay, unlike his wife who is convinced that a great secret lies hidden in Georgina’s past, and is determined to find it out.  Georgina arrives wearing a veil and fearful of all, but under George’s protection she is safe.  Then George is called away and Georgina finds herself no match against the unpleasantness of the woman whose house she must remain in.

This is absorbing historical fiction.  It has drama, great characters, and the language the author uses is beautiful and easy to read.  Whilst the story unfolds so snippets of information about the time are slipped in.  Euston station is being built, London is rapidly expanding, ship building is advancing.   

Most of the action takes place in London, however Yorkshire, Bristol and Weymouth are also included – a Bristol where the modern day street lights of London have not yet reached. 

I didn’t realise how attached I was becoming to some of the characters until I found myself suddenly mightily worried for one of the main characters – I had become so absorbed that I was quite surprised at my strong reaction when one of the characters finds themselves in peril.

This is the 2nd book in The Talbot Saga/Regency Family Saga , though the first book that I have read by this author.  I read it on a Kindle, though would recommend a paper book to other readers, as there are reference numbers in the text, which refer to author’s notes at the end of the book, and I would have liked to have read these notes whilst in the midst of the book, but flicking to and fro on my Kindle is not very user friendly, so would have been too disruptive. 

5* from me as this novel is a great read with plenty of mystery and charm, plus suspense as to what Georgina’s secret was.  I loved the snippets of information about the world outside of the story, which really enhanced my enjoyment.  Now I have finished this book, I shall be going back to read the previous book in the series.  

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