The Lido by Libby Page


Lovely story about friendship and community     

My rating:  3 out of 5     


A wonderful book about Kate, who is starting her journalist career, and Rosemary aged 86, and the unexpected transformations their new friendship brings about.

The LidoKate is living in Brixton in London.  Amongst so many people she finds herself lonely and wondering why her life is not as exciting as that of her Facebook friends.   On an assignment she meets Rosemary, and through her finds a purpose to life and so much more. 

The story delves into the thoughts, lives and history of Kate and Rosemary, sharing the high points, the dramas and the challenges, as they build a friendship and fight for what is important.

This is a lovely story about discovering what is central to happiness, about learning how to live life fully and the importance of a community.    The story flows well and the characters are well drawn. 

3*s from me, as I enjoyed it but found it rather predictable and too light a read for me.

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  1. HI Emma. I find this reassuring on the tricky business of reviewing and particularly rating fiction! I too enjoyed The Lido but ‘only’ gave it 3* on GoodReads. In my case I guess that’s because I reserve 4* or 5* for novels I could imagine reading again (amongst other things). But it feels a bit mean when, in its own terms, a book has been pulled off successfully and has also given considerable pleasure, as The Lido did for me. Am I alone in feeling a bit angst-ridden about this?

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  2. I feel the same. 3 for me is a book I enjoyed and would recommend to others, but I probably didn’t learn anything from it. Sometimes I want a light, good read that I can enjoy without thinking too much, and that usually gets a 3. What are not visible are all the books that I stop reading and don’t review! Thanks for your feedback 😀


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