The Lies I Tell by Joel Hames

Thriller with suspense and internet scams

My rating:  4 out of 5

Lisa likes to keep an eye on others, using various identities and technology to do so.  However when someone turns the tables on Lisa, she starts worrying.  Who is tracking her, and why?

I found myself involved with Lisa right from the first page.  She isn’t a likeable character, but she is definitely an interesting one, and some of the scams she pulls certainly made me think!   The story follows Lisa over 23 days, plus flashes back to her past and has plenty of suspense and a great pace.

The list of Lisa’s aliases, at the front of the book, had me worried, especially as I was reading this book on my Kindle, so not so easy to skip to and fro.  However I never referred back to the name list as the story is told solely from Lisa’s point of view, so I always knew who she was. 

4*s from me for this thriller that kept me guessing, got me worried, and sent me off to check my social media for possible contacts like Lisa!   Very nearly a 5*, as the internet scams Lisa was pulling were interesting, and somewhat unnerving. 

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