The Man from St Petersburg by Ken Follett

WWI Historical Thriller     

My rating:  3 out of 5     


the-man-from-st-petersburg-ukThis historical thriller revolves around the Earl of Walden and his family, who all become involved in a life and death struggle the outcome of which could have a serious influence on World War 1.

Walden receives a visit from Churchill, asking for help negotiating with Russia about alliances in the forthcoming War.  Walden feels this is an exciting opportunity to further his career, whilst his Russian wife finds it brings back unwanted memories of a love she has tried to put behind her.  Meanwhile their daughter is busy thinking about being presented to the King and Queen and her first Season – whilst beginning to discover that the real world is not quite as her sheltered upbringing has led her to believe.

Alongside the family activities in London and at their country estate,  the suffragettes are fighting for women’s rights, a Russia anarchist has arrived to assassinate the Russian delegate Walden is negotiating with, and interesting discussions are being held on the moving of European boundaries to satisfy political needs.

I found this book disappointing.  The writing style, as usual with Ken Follett, is excellent, and the story moves along at a steady pace.  However I never found myself particularly interested in the main characters.  Many of the historical detail from that time are fascinating ; the social norms of aristocratic women, the suffragettes and the political upheavals going on.    So, its a nice easy read, with interesting background information.

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