The Marshmallow Test by Walter Mischel

Narrated by Alan Aida

Improving one’s self-control     

My Rating:  4 out of 5     


This is a fascinating book about self-control, its benefits and how to improve yours.  I listened to the audio version.  

The Marshmallow Test 2Though mostly focussed on children, there is plenty here for adults – and of course parents.  Through years of research the author has come up with some fascinating insights into how, and why,  some people focus on immediate gain, and others think longer term.  The effects of this can have significant outcomes in terms of health, well-being and life as a whole. 

Strategies are suggested to improve willpower, with many interesting examples given.

I listened to this whilst out walking so, annoyingly, was not able to take notes about the more interesting (to me) sections.  Therefore if willpower is a subject of great interest, it may be more useful to read this book, rather than listen to it. 

4*s from me, as though a fascinating and interesting book, I felt it would have benefitted greatly from a summary of main points at the end of each chapter, or book section.  If I had been reading it, I probably would have skim read quite a bit about the various researches that have been done, but I still enjoyed the book as a whole for the parts that really interested me.

The narrator spoke well, clearly and had an interesting and attention keeping voice. 

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