The Orphans by Annemarie Neary

Parents gone.  What now?     

Publication date:  27 July 2017

My rating:  3 out of 5     



Sparrow and Jess are playing on a beach in Goa.  When they turn around their parents are gone, and don’t come back.   Years later a new clue is found but instead of closure it brings more problems.   

The OrphansSparrow and Jess have dealt with the mystery of what happened to their parents in very different ways, and the psychological effect of their childhood experience on their current relationships is a main theme in this novel.   The narrative focuses on what is going on in their lives, how they interact together and with others. 

I love this author’s writing style – clear, to the point and very readable, and  I love the idea of the missing parents but, despite this, the book didn’t keep my attention.   There were some great moments, some excitement and some surprises, but not enough to keep me engaged.

Mostly set in London, this was an enjoyable read, but disappointing when compared with  Annemarie Neary’s debut novel Siren

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