The Prince and the Pea by Denise Deegan

Lovely short story     

My rating:  3 out of 5     


  A wonderful short story, that will appeal to all ages.

The Prince and the PeaThe prince needs to marry a princess.  The king devises a way to check that visiting princesses are suitable, but will the princess that passes the test become the one true love of the prince?

A lovely story, which took me 15 minutes to read, with humorous moments.  Perfect to read to all the family after a meal, before bedtime, or as an “unwinder”.  Will the prince find his “happy ever after” princess?   

If you are an adult who wants a quick read, with humour and charm this is for you.  If you know children who enjoy excitement and wonder, this is also for you.  

I’ve rated it a 3, because though it is a well written great story, and I certainly will recommend it to others, I am the wrong audience for this book.  

See also:  Through the Barricades by Denise Deegan  (historical fiction)

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