The Rabbit Factor by  Antti Tuomainen 

Translated by David Hackson.  Audiobook narrated by  David Thorpe

Quirky crime thriller with dry wit

Henri is an insurance mathematician, enjoys his job and is good at it.  However recently all these new team bonding ideas have been getting in the way of him just getting a good day’s work done.  One thing leads to another, and by a twist of fate Henri finds himself suddenly running an Adventure Park. 

Henri likes to resolve everything in life through mathematics, but when being chased by someone trying to kill him, working out the probability factor of his survival seems less certain.   Henri finds his new business less routine than when he was working regular hours in his insurance office, what with criminals making threats towards  him and staff making unexpected demands.  And then there is Laura, who’s very presence makes his feelings go outside the range of any maths ratios he has ever come across.  The action is set in Finland.

I listened to this thriller as an audiobook, and the dry wit made this a joy to listen to.  The narrator is perfect as Henri.  How is Henri  going to extricate himself from the threats of the criminals, if indeed he can, plus his escapades in trying to run a business and understand the people around him made this an entertaining and engaging listen.   My listening times were sporadic, but still I found the plot easy to pick up again, and the characters easy to follow. 

I understand The Rabbit Factor is going to be made into a film (I’m hoping in English), that will be great!    

My rating:  4 out of 5

Publication Date: Hardback:  October 2021, UK Paperback April 2022

Publisher: Orenda Books       

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