The Retreat by Sherri Smith

Who is the murderer?

My rating:  2 out of 5

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Katie and Ellie go to a weekend Retreat, to get to know each other before Ellie marries Katie’s brother.  Unbeknown to Ellie, Katie has invited two of her close girl friends as well.  Which of the 4 has murder on their mind?

The RetreatThis thriller opens with a dramatic murder, and then the reader is left wondering “who did it” as the story is unfolds through the eyes of Ellie, Katie and her two friends.   As the women’s reasons for being there gradually become clear, the suspense and wonder of how it is going to end grows.  There are plenty of cliff-hangers, and exciting moments along the way in this fast moving thriller, and by the final pages all becomes clear. 

2*s from me, as I found the girls pretty unlikeable, and struggled to stay interested in what happened to them.  Initially I found I got confused between the two names Ellie and Katie – who was who?   Good cliff-hangers, but as the story was constantly moving  between the four girls, by the time the cliff hanger was returned to so much else had happened that the original moment had been overtaken.    Just not for me. 

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