The Secret Life of Mr Roos by Hakan Nesser

Narrated by Martin Wenner

Wonderful story of friendship

My rating:  4 out of 5

Valdemar Roos  has a boring job and a wife he has little in common with.  Life seems disappointing.  Then he wins a large amount of money and doesn’t tell his wife.  He throws in his job and buys himself a cottage in the woods and secretly visits this sanctuary where he can relax and enjoy life.  One day Anna, a recovering drug addict,  happens upon his cottage, and despite appearing to be so different from each other they form a bond of friendship.  Everything seems perfect, until Valdemar’s secret cottage becomes the scene of a murder.

This is a delightful, gentle story of friendship.   Valdemar and Anna are the main characters, with Inspector Barbarotti and his colleague Eva Backman becoming involved after the murder.   As the story unfolds there are some surprises, and I was keen to know what would become of Valdemar and Anna. 

The plot was easy to follow, and the narrator’s voice was perfect.  The ending was great!  The book is very much about the characters, and what makes life interesting or worthwhile.  The murder is almost incidential!

4*s from me as I really enjoyed this audiobook whilst out hiking.  Would also be great as bedtime reading, or any time where interruptions are likely or reading can only be done in short stages.   A wonderful story that can be picked up and left off, as the outside world requires.

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