The Sicilian Woman’s Daughter by Linda Lo Scuro


Sicilian Mafia Family



Living in London Maria (Mary) has sought to escape her Sicilian roots keeping her family history away from her English husband and her children.  However a cup of tea with her Sicilian aunt results in her being drawn back to her roots, and the mafia connections.

The Sicilian Woman's DaughterMaria tells her story, her memories of her mother, the visits to Sicily and family there.  An enthralling glimpse into another world where a grandmothers keep a gun close to hand, and it pays to be very respectful to others – who knows what mafia connections they may have.   Maria has recently retired, is enjoying life in West London, and uses some of her free time to visit her aunt.  In so doing she is drawn into Sicilian plots and intrigues, ranging from making a man love a woman to dealing with a violent husband.  Eventually Maria takes her family to visit Sicily, and becomes embroiled in revenge and justice mafia style.  Definitely exciting and riveting reading!

The book has a list of characters and Sicilian/Italian words at the front, which I found a little daunting, but in fact I only referred to them on a couple of occasions.   Although the book covers 4 generations of Maria’s family, it is very clearly written and I was never confused as to who was who.  The Sicilian/Italian words used are done so in context, blend in well, and are mostly explained in the main text. 

4*s from me, as it was a fast moving book, included plenty of surprises, and gave an insight into different way of life and family ties.  The book has left me wondering how much of it is based on the reality of life in some of the regions of this island.    Thought provoking! 

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