The Silent Daughter by Claire Amarti

Absorbing Mystery Thriller

My rating:  4 out of 5

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Sadie has lost her teaching job at Horton, a boarding school where she was once a pupil.  She has also lost her best friend Fiona, and contact with her mother is scarce.  Fortunately Jan is still there, as she always has been.  Now a young student at Horton has gone missing, and Sadie seems more worried than would be expected.

The Silent DaughterThere are only a few central characters in this absorbing mystery thriller, however there are plenty of twists and turns, bringing suspense and tension to this great story.  As well as the questions about the missing girl, there are relationship secrets, family secrets, plus secrets that need to be kept from colleagues and the Head of the school. 

Lots going on, but all easy to follow as Sadie’s story drew me in, and kept compelling me to read “just one more chapter”. 

The action takes place in Connecticut, New England, though the school scenes certainly had me thinking of UK schools (where I am from).

4*s from me, very nearly  5*!   I was drawn into the story from the first few pages, and I loved the boarding school setting.  As secrets and the past are gradually divulged so the book increases in depth and interest, in addition to the very  enjoyable main story.  For readers that enjoy thinking about themes within a story there are plenty here to consider and discuss.  For those that just want to sink into a book and enjoy it without too much thought this is a thrilling read.   For once I was pleased that the weather turned cold and wet, so I could just curl up and read and enjoy Sadie’s story. 

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