The Sound Mirror by Heidi James

3 women, 3 stories, one common thread


Tamara is driving to kill her mother, Claire is being evacuated from the war and Ida is leaving India for a new life in England.  How will their stories pan out?

The Sound MirrorThis beautifully written piece of literature moves between the 3 women, as time and years pass, showing their struggles and successes.  Near the end of the book their connection is made clear. 

I read this book in advanced readers format, so had no idea what it was about when I started, but loved  So the Doves by this author, and her story telling and writing style.   I did find  the connection between the women and the timelines confusing, and this distracted me from the strong themes of acceptance, difference and change running through the book.  I feel I therefore missed out on the enjoyment and pleasure that this book would have given me if I had started it a little more informed.  Definitely the sort of book I would have loved to have studied, and certainly one for discussion, and re-reading. 

Another work of beauty and stunning literature from this author, but I do advise reading a little about the book before you start, so you can benefit from the amazing prose, and avoid the confusion I felt, which resulted in my giving it 3 stars.    A book of beauty, depth and thoughtfulness.   Glad to see it is receiving great reviews, I really think I need to read it again!

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Link to book review: So The Doves by Heidi James
US Cover

Link to book review: So The Doves by Heidi James

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