Three Shoeboxes by Steven Manchester


PTSD and family life     

My rating:  3 out of 5     


Mac and Jen are blissfully happily married.  They adore their children, Mac’s job is going Three Shoeboxesa bit easier and Jen is thinking of going back to work.  All is perfect until Mac’s panic attacks start.

As Mac finds his world crumbling around him, so he turns inwards.  Failing to get the help he needs, things continue getting worse. Can Mac conquer these attacks, and win back everything he is losing?

This is the first book by this author that I have read.   I found the themes – panic attacks, PTSD and knock on effects –  disturbing to read about, but certainly involving.  It was an eye-opener as to how a traumatic event in someone’s past can come back to haunt them with such devastating consequences. 

3*s from me, as though a very well written book with strong themes, I found the book a bit  too short!  I would have liked more detail about treatment and long term outcomes etc.  Perhaps I went into the book with incorrect expectations.  However, as I found the writing so good, I have already lined up another book by this author to read!

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