Where There’s Doubt by Terry Tyler

Psychological fiction that feels real

It has been a while since Kate’s last relationship, and she’s thrown herself into her new business and playing chess on-line.  So when her on-line chess partner and she agree to meet in person she is nervous as to how it will go.

Nico is a natural at behavioural psychology, which is fortunate as his various rich girlfriends need to believe in him, and the authors he is signing up to his indie publishing business also need to deliver the goods before his deadline is reached.

This fast moving story has characters who are not as they seem, and others who are exactly as they say they are and who are accepting that things may not be as perfect as they appear.  Hope and dreams are being fought for, but not everyone is going to come out smiling.   Kate is a lovely character that will have readers hoping she will be ok in the end, Nico is very different but equally as interesting. 

Twists and turns, true to life characters and plenty of tension building makes this a great read, where (as in life) things do not turn out as one might expect.

Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a fast moving psychological novel, with plenty of reality and characters one can empathise with. 

Setting:  Fictional setting in Norfolk, England, based on the real town of Cromer. 

Published:  March 2022

Publisher:  Independent

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