You Can’t Catch Me by Catherine McKenzie

Intrigue, a cult and swindles

My rating: 3 out of 5

Jessica Williams escaped from a cult years ago, and has become an investigative reporter.  When she loses all her savings to someone she meets at an airport she is determined to find out who did it and get her money back. 

You Can't Catch MeJessica narrates her story in a light and chatty style, keeping the pace up.  Most of the book is focused on her search for the person who stole her money and the people she meets along the way, but she also flashes back to her life within the cult. 

I enjoyed this book (until the ending).  I wasn’t particularly involved with any of the characters, but it all moved at a good pace and was perfect for a light read.  However the ending was very disappointing.  The last few pages aimed at explaining what had been going on, but for me just opened up more questions and made me doubt some of the events that I’d accepted whilst reading. 

There are questions at the end for Book Clubs; there certainly is plenty of material in this book to make for lively discussions. 

3*s from me as what started as a great idea ended very disappointingly, and there was never enough depth in any of the storylines to really get me involved and interested. 

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