Great fiction about lives that are different to mine

Today I want to talk about 3 of my favourite books that I have reviewed under my “Fiction – Other Genres”  page on EmmabBooks.com


Link to my review:  In Two Worlds by Ido Kedar

This is a book I read recently.  Although a novel,  I assume it is based on the author’s experiences, and of others he knows, who also have Non-Speaking Autism.  The novel shows us Anthony on the inside where he  is intelligent, loving, kind and frustrated, and the Anthony that the outside world sees, which is so different to the real Anthony. 

I loved this moving insight into a life unimaginably different to mine.  Beautifully written with  plenty of suspense as the reader waits and hopes for a breakthrough.  Definitely a book to challenge assumptions –  I am recommending it to everybody!


Link to my review:  This is How It Always is by Laurie Frankel

I listened to this uplifting novel as an audio book two years ago, and could still tell you now all about it without needing to refer back. 

Rosie and Penn have 5 sons, and when their youngest decides he would be happier being a girl rather than a boy the whole family support him on his journey of discovery and the challenges and decisions that need to be made.     

I loved this book because the story was very thought provoking, and the main characters really came alive as the story progressed.  As an audio book it was easy to put down and pick up, without losing the thread.   Absolutely wonderful and suitable for all ages.


Link to my review:  The Tyre by CJ Dubois and EC Huntley

This is a wonderful positive novel about life in India for a family in the lowest social group. 

Ranji is out collecting wood, and finds a tyre.  He is exited to imagine its value, compared to that of his bundles of wood, but has no idea of the enormous impact the tyre will have on his life and that of his family. 

As we follow Ranji with his tyre, so we learn about his life and how it compares with his son’s life in the city.  The caste system is thoughtfully portrayed, as is Ranji’s philosophy of life.   The everyday happenings of Ranji and his son and family are all blended well into an absorbing story of a life of love, contentment and stresses with none of the “essentials” of the Western world.


I do hope if you get a chance to read these books that you love them as much as I do – please do let me know.

All the best, Emma

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