November Book Round-up

I reviewed 4 books in November – 2 thrillers, 1 memoir and 1 contemporary fiction.  Below is a little information on each of them, for my full review, follow the links, or go direct to EmmabBooks.com

The One by John Marrs

Link to my review: The One by John Marrs

Oh yes, this was a brilliant thriller! 

5 people apply to find their perfect match through a widely used DNA test.  5 very different people, 5 very different results.  Will they all turn into “happy ever afters”?

I loved the idea of this DNA test so much.  None of that wondering if Mr/Ms nearly Right will improve over time, just get the DNA test done, meet your perfect match and live happily ever after.  When I started reading this book, I was so excited, about the idea, and wondered if it would become fact in the near future.  Near the end my thoughts on the concept had changed somewhat.  Great idea, great thriller, great read.


GLIMPSE, The Angel Shot by Stephen B King

Link to my review: GLIMPSE, The Angel Shot by Stephen B King

As you may  know I am a great fan of this author (don’t confuse Stephen B King with the horror writer, this author writes great psychological thrillers with the emphasis on psychology – my words not the author’s)

This book is the 4th in the series, but can be read as stand alone.  Why do women who order Angel Shots at the bar keep disappearing?  This is an exciting and fast moving book looking at motives – what makes the murderer murder, how do the police come to the decisions they do?   And when we start hearing from the murderer himself, and what drives him – wow.  The actual murders are really just background to this involving thriller about who did it, why did they do it, and can it be proved.   

Another 5* thriller from this great author!


Raised in Ruins by Tara Neilson

Link to my review: Raised in Ruins by Tara Neilson

This is a memoir about the author growing up with her family in the wilderness of Alaska.  The advantages and disadvantages, mostly from a child’s perspective.

What is it like growing up with bears close by?  How do you get an education whilst living away from all others, what about food supplies (there’s no nipping to the shops for milk here)?

Would living a life like this be your idyll or not? 


337 by M. Jonathan Lee

Link to my review: 337 by M. Jonathan Lee

Here’s another author I am a great fan of.  This is the 3rd book of his that I have read.  All are contemporary fiction, all of them are beautifully written and make you think about everyday life, and all give the reader plenty to talk about.

337 is a  beautiful story about Sam, living an (apparently) everyday ordinary life, but is everything as it seems?  I was drawn into the life of Sam, as he worries about the present, and remembers the past. 

This author gets right into his main characters, which then become like a good friend to the reader.  I certainly feel I  know Sam, and wish him well for the future.

I have to mention here that, in addition to the story, the cover of this book – with different textures (at least on the hardback I read), and beautiful layout inside – wide margins etc. would make this a lovely gift


 All the best, and keep safe.  Emma

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