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I am so excited to receive these two new books from Orenda Books, that I just had to tell you about them.

This is How We Are Human by Louise Beech

This is Louise’s 7th novel, and the 5th that I have read/am about to read. I love this author’s writing for the depth of feeling she explores in each book, and how I feel I can really relate to the characters – even though their experiences may be very different to my own.

This is How We Are Human is inspired by Sean, the 20 year old son of one of Louise’s friends , who is autistic.

This is How We Are Human is out in paperback on 10th June 2021, and already available in e-book.

You can find out more, and order it direct from Indie Publishers Orenda Books at


I will be posting my review in June; in the meantime you can find my reviews of some of Louise Beech’s other books at EmmabBooks.com or by clicking on the pictures below.

So now onto the 2nd book I received from Orenda Books

Everything Happens for a Reason by Katie Allen

This is Katie Allen’s debut novel, inspired by her own experiences. The information sheet describes this book as “beautiful, poignant and enchantingly funny” and deals with the author’s experience of stillbirth and grief. It sounds like this “life-affirming … and unforgettable read” may require a glass of wine and a few tissues on standby. Just my sort of book, I can’t wait to get started on it.

The paperback version of Everything Happens for a Reason is out on 10th June, the e-book is available now.

For more information, and to purchase this book, go to:


Thank you so much Orenda Books* for making my week by sending me these wonderful sounding books!

*Orenda Books is a small independent publishing company, launched in 2014. www.orendabooks.co.uk

If you have already read either of these books, do let me know, below, what you thought of them.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Emma

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