#amreading – What, Why, While :  The Perfect Ending by Rob Kaufman @RobKaufmanNC  (a post with a difference this week)


This week I am excited to welcome Rob Kaufman as a guest to this blog spot.  He is going to tell us – What he has written, Why he wrote it, and what he was doing While he wrote it.   So a post a little different from my normal! 

Photo used with kind permission of Rob Kaufman, Facebook: AuthorRobKaufman

What (has Rob Kaufman recently been writing) ?

The book Rob is going to tell us about is his latest suspense thriller The Perfect Ending which was published in June of this year. 

Book Blurb (taken from https://authorrobkaufman.com/ )

What does a bestselling author do when his creativity vanishes into thin air? Just about anything…

Paralyzed by writer’s block, Scott Atwood’s career is over, and so, he’s decided, is his life. He just has to figure out the perfect ending befitting a popular, award-winning thriller-suspense author who always gives his fans a mind-blowing finale.

But just as Scott resolves to jump in front of a train, he conceives the ideal plot for his next bestseller — a writer of psychological thrillers who decides to wreak havoc in other people’s lives in order to help him come up with ideas for his next book.

Looking for inspiration, he exposes his neighbor’s affair with devastating and far-reaching repercussions, and his plan soon begins to spiral wildly out of control. But what is fiction? And what is reality? The lines blur in this twisted and masterful Hitchcockian thriller with the perfect ending.  The question is… to what?

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Why (did I, Rob Kaufman, choose to write it)

“The Perfect Ending” is about a writer paralyzed by writer’s block. A year ago, that was me. Day after day I sat and tried to come up with ideas to write about. 

After months of nothing, I decided my writing career was over. I’d just keep my day job (which I have to keep anyway) and let my creative well dry up and wither away.

Then I got angry at myself for giving up and asked myself, “Self… why don’t you write about your reality? A writer who just can’t come up with ideas for his next book?”

Yeah, good idea, but then what? How was “this writer” going to come up with new ideas? Well, maybe he wreaks havoc in others lives, watches the fallout and uses that as fodder for his next book?

Now, I’d never do that myself. (I’m too nice. No, seriously, I’m just too nice.) However, Scott Atwood, the author in my book is not. That’s why, although I get a lot of 5-star reviews, people make sure to let me know how much they dislike the main character.

So, in the end, the reason I wrote this book was to prove to myself that I could come up with an idea for a book.

The problem is, it’s time to write another book. Now what…?

While (Rob has been writing it) 

While writing this book I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to make an entire story fit into four days. How does an author develop characters that have enough depth when the book takes place in such a short period of time? Perhaps that explains a few balding areas and some minor scalp pain.


I can’t wait to read this book! 

All the best, Emma

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