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Today I am pleased to tell you about the just released mystery thriller

The Wives of Crimson Avenue by Sadie Ryan. 

This was published by SpellBound Books yesterday (21 April 2022) and is the first in a brand new series, featuring DI Vincent Sullivan and his sidekick DS Josephine Jenkins.  Below is the book blurb, an extract and a little info about Sadie Ryan. 

Book Blurb

Ladies. Are you a perfect wife wanting to live in suburban utopia? Then Crimson Avenue is for you! Come and join other like-minded women in our idyllic community. We might even let you into our little secret…

When a striking young woman turns up to Adele Love’s antique shop acting suspiciously and gives her a cryptic message …

Tell Sam that they know…

On leaving the shop, to Adele’s horror, the woman is bundled into a white van and abducted.

Beginning a search for the missing woman, DI Vincent Sullivan and DS Josephine Jenkins conduct their house-to-house investigations, which lead them into a sinister world of diamond smuggling and drugs, all happening behind the perfect façade of Crimson Avenue.

As the pressure mounts with the severity of the crimes committed, the wives close ranks and deny all knowledge.

But just as cracks begin to appear and the women start to turn on each other, they realise there’s also the small problem of Adele’s secret, which could get them all killed…

Extract from The Wives of Crimson Avenue by Sadie Ryan


A police patrol car drove down Crimson Avenue and parked up in front of one of the Victorian houses. The officers inside didn’t exit but sat inside with the air conditioning blasting and drinking bottled water.

An oppressive, stifling heatwave gripped the whole country. Two weeks of high temperatures had depleted everyone and the forecast showed no signs of it breaking. While most of the population was at the beach, in gardens or parks, the small town of Applehurst lay sweltering and quiet. People shuffled around, lethargic and complaining about the weather.

Old Mrs Shirley who lived in the last house on Crimson Avenue and looked as if she had been there since they built the house lost her train of thought as she chatted to the milkman, Mr Mather, who made his rounds collecting his weekly payments. Mr Mather had been delivering milk on the avenue since he was a young man and probably should have retired by now; doubtless, nobody wanted to be the one to tell him. She watched the police car and hoped there wasn’t going to be any more trouble with the Love family a few houses down. The scandal had shocked the town and put the fear of God into Mrs Shirley.

On Crimson Avenue, large blossom trees lined the street providing some shade for the large Victorian houses set back off the road. The cherry trees sat on immaculate grass verges. In spring, the street became a pink wonderland of confetti. A desirable street to live on both for the well-proportioned family homes and the private gardens they boasted at the rear. The close proximity to the local shops and schools another key advantage. The once painstakingly nurtured flowerbeds and

once immaculate lawns now looked wilted and brown from lack of water and attention and gave the area a sad, sagging feeling much like the residents of the town.

She was about to close her front door when two loud pop, pop sounds like a firecracker broke the stillness of the afternoon followed by the grisly sound of a woman’s scream. She turned towards the noise and saw the police running to the Love house.

The officers found the front door open and inside, in the hallway, they saw a woman crouched over a dead body, covered in blood and holding a gun.

About the Author

Sadie Ryan is the author of three books. Her previous book, Guilty came out in April 2021, a psychological thriller. She loves animals and lives in leafy Cheshire in the North West of England with her daughter and rescue dog. When not writing she spends her time reading, gardening, walking her dog or watching old black and white movies.

When asked where she gets her ideas from, she says, ‘From observation, inspiration and lots of wicked thoughts.’

Follow Sadie at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sadieryanauthor

Website : https://www.sadieryan.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The__SadieRyan

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wives-Crimson-Avenue-Vincent-Sullivan-ebook/dp/B09RQ2HKLJ

Amazon USA https://www.amazon.com/Wives-Crimson-Avenue-Vincent-Sullivan-ebook/dp/B09RQ2HKLJ

All the best, Emma of EmmabBooks.com

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