#amreading – What, Why, While :  Disappeared by Bonnar Spring @gretagarbo42 @oceanviewpub

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading the  Morocco based thriller Disappeared by Bonnar Spring.  It is being published by Oceanview Publishing, and is out on 3rd May 2022 in ebook and hardcover. My review will be on EmmabBooks.com around publication date.

Book Blurb  (taken from https://oceanviewpub.com/books/disappeared/  )

These two sisters are about to be permanently “disappeared”

Julie Welch’s sister, Fay Lariviere, disappears from their hotel in Morocco. Although she leaves a note that she’ll be back in two days, Fay doesn’t return.

Julie’s anger shifts to worry—and to fear when she discovers a stalker. Then, an attack meant for Julie kills another woman. Searching Fay’s luggage and quizzing the hotel staff, Julie discovers Fay’s destination—a remote village in the Saharan desert. Convinced her sister is in danger and propelled by her own jeopardy, Julie rushes to warn Fay.

By the time she reaches the village, Julie finds that Fay has traveled deeper into the desert. With a villager as guide, Julie follows—only to be stranded in the Sahara when the guide abandons her. Julie is eventually reunited with Fay—in a prison cell—and learns the reasons for Fay’s secrecy.

Although furious at Fay’s deception and weak from her desert ordeal, Julie knows they must work together. The sisters, ensnared in a web of dangerous lies and about to be permanently “disappeared”, pit their wits against soldiers and desert in a fight for their lives.

Perfect for fans of Tana French and Martin Cruz Smith

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

I picked this book because I loved the idea of a thriller set in the Moroccan Sahara. 

Many years ago I was lucky enough to visit Timbuktu, and other towns and villages in Mali, a country within the Sahara desert.  I have wonderful memories of the welcoming people, the children keen to practise their English,  and the beauty of this country.  Since I visited many changes have taken place in Mali, but I retain my fond memories of Mali, so was excited at the idea of reading a book set in the Sahara, though in a different country.

While (I am reading it)

We visited Munich to see the musical We Will Rock You, with Queen music.  Probably should have found out more about the show before we went, but it was good for my German, and the band were absolutely fantastic – though sadly hidden away behind the scenes.  When we left the view of the Munich Olympic Tower was stunning . 

All the best, Emma

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