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Today I am excited to be on the Book Tour for Somewhere Beyond the Sea by AK James. This psychological thriller is out today, published by SpellBound Books. Below I give you the Book Blurb, an Extract and some info about the author AK James. But first, take a look at this stunning cover!

Book Blurb

If a marriage is based on secrets and lies – can love survive?

Doctor Tristan Ainsworth has returned to his beloved Cornwall with his family. The past has taught him some hard lessons, some of which he’s keeping to himself, but he’s hoping to put it all behind him and make a fresh start with his wife Karen. He longs to see her happy, as she’s been struggling with her mental health.

However, Karen Ainsworth isn’t telling Tristan the whole story, because she has a past that she’d rather leave behind her too. Apart from her family, Karen’s big passion is singing and a chance to use her extraordinary voice would mean the world to her, so why shouldn’t she take it? Surely her past can’t hurt her now?

As a tide of blackmail and betrayal threatens the foundations of their marriage, Karen and Tristan face a hard question. Is their love strong enough to face the truth when the truth might cost them everything.


I folded my clothes neatly and placed them with the precision of a drill-sergeant on a flat rock by the shore. I positioned the letter in its blue envelope carefully on top and weighted it down with a round white pebble. Standing before the moonlit water, I felt the caress of the breeze like salt kisses over my naked skin.

I walked nearer to the sea. Firm sand cushioned my steps and, despite my weight, each footfall barely left an imprint. Surf foamed in, tickled my toes, and encouraged me further. Out on the island, the glass eye of the lighthouse winked as if it knew my secret, and a gull wheeled above in day-bright moonshine. I spread my arms wide, tilted my head to the dazzling stars and inhaled. I belonged to the universe. I relished the sense of freedom, the oneness with nature.

Ironically, I had never felt so alive.

Lowering my arms again, I turned to have a last look at the clifftops. In my mind’s eye, beyond them I could see the Cornish village where I had lived for the past sixteen years. I could see every little street and lane, every little country garden. Most of the buildings were now in darkness, of course, apart from the light of a lamp or two.

There was no light in my mother’s house.

Turning back towards the waves I stepped forward. One, two, three long strides. No hint of hesitation fettered, nor apprehension restrained.

This was it. This was what came next.

The weight of the incoming tide was my only barrier, but even as a breath caught in my throat, I gritted my teeth against the cold and plunged headlong.

I would tire of course … soon. But for now, with adrenaline pumping in my veins, legs and arms powering my body through the waves, for now I was strong, free, and in control of my destiny.

Author Bio

Amanda James has written since she was a child, and as an eight-year-old, she asked her parents for a typewriter for Christmas. She never imagined her words would ever be published however. Then in 2010, after many twists and turns, the dream of becoming a writer came true when she had her first short story published for a Born Free anthology. She left teaching in 2013 to pursue her dream full-time.

Originally from Sheffield, Amanda now lives in Cornwall and is inspired every day by the wild and beautiful coastline near her home. Amanda writes more suspenseful novels also set in Cornwall, under the name A.K. James, but her last few books have been uplifting in nature with a twist of magic. She loves writing feel-good reads, as she thinks the world needs more joy in it right now. Amanda can usually be found playing on the beach with her family, or walking the cliff paths planning her next book.

Follow Amanda James at:

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mandykjames/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amandajames61

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MandyJamesAuthorPage

Big thanks to @ZooloosBT for including me on this tour

All the best, Emma

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