Acts of Kindness by Heather Barnett

Uplifting mystery thriller

My rating:  5 out of 5

Bella is offered a new job away from London and jumps at the chance to start a new life after her divorce.

In a sleepy Wiltshire village Bella finds her new neighbours friendly, including the somewhat eccentric woman who keeps bustling into her house.  Bella’s job is great despite the occasional odd going on, and perhaps there is the possibility of romance with a colleague.  Soon a beautiful work project is revealed, with a few minor drawbacks.  As Bella learns more and more about her job, and the villagers, so she discovers a mystery that becomes a race against time to solve.

A wonderful, uplifting, entertaining and often amusing book, where people are either good or villains –  you guess which.  Mysteries need solving and the action heats up as Bella tries to find out what is going on.   A mystery thriller with great characters and a story to keep you intrigued right up to the very end.

5*s because I loved every moment!  This mystery thriller has everything – characters that make you wonder, action, humour and positivity and plenty of guessing as to what is going on.  Great read!

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