Lord Seeks Wife by Heather Barnett

Fun and uplifting with twists

My rating:  4 out of 5

Lord de Beeble, known as Nobby, is looking for a wife – at his mother’s insistence.  Where better to start than by advertising in the Situations Vacant section of the local paper.   So begins a witty, uplifting read as thousands of women apply, and interviews commence.

Nobby’s brother is there to help him, the villagers are torn between the income to be gained from the arrival of thousands of hopeful women, and the disruption to their normal sedate lives.   From the thousands of candidates, we focus on a few, watching to see if they will achieve their dream, and wondering whether Lord de Beeble get his “happy ever after”? 

Gosh I enjoyed this.  A light fun read with shocks and surprises around every page.  A well written novel for those days when you want something light and uplifting, but fulfilling, to read.   A great second novel from Heather Barnett;  I also loved her first novel Acts of Kindness.

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