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I read and review books of many genres. This is a website, where you can find my books listed by genre, and also a book blog - which you can follow, to ensure you never miss a great read.

Monk by Chris Parker

My review of Monk by Chris Parker is now up on – just in time to be added to your Christmas gift list 🙂 Raphael has been tasked with finding the Turin Shroud and returning it to the Church.  He only has a couple of days to […]

Deadly Harm by Owen Mullen

Out now is Deadly Harm by Owen Mullen.  My review of it (and all his other books!) is now up on Mackenzie cares for and protects those that live at her women’s refuge.  Then a thrilling chain of events raises the question of just how far one […]

Moms of the Missing by Steffen Hou

Out tomorrow (15 October) is Moms of the Missing by Steffen Hou.  My review of this remarkable non-fiction book is now up on Raising awareness of abductions in the US, including giving the victims a voice, how the parents (specifically the mothers) cope, plus advice that may […]