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I read and review books of many genres. This is a website, where you can find my books listed by genre, and also a book blog - which you can follow, to ensure you never miss a great read.

Sculpting the Elephant by Sylvia Vetta

My review of Sculpting the Elephant by Sylvia Vetta is now up on . Wonderful historical fiction set in Oxford (England) and India, about finding love in the 1990’s and the late 1800’s; can love overcome cultural differences?  Set alongside is a fascinating storyline about searching for […]

A Justifiable Madness by AB Morgan

A 5* psychological thriller, that seems scarily plausible.  My review of A Justifiable Madness by AB Morgan is now up on  Its a “I’ll just read one more chapter” type of book.  Why would you want to get yourself placed on a psychiatric ward, and once there […]

Endurance by Scott Kelly

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently.  I’ve had a run of books that I’ve not enjoyed, not finished and not written a review for.  Anyway, back now with a 5* read!   Endurance by Scott Kelly is his exciting, dramatic and fascinating story about his year spent on the […]

Amok by Sebastian Fitzek

My review of this Audible Audio Drama is now up on    Amok by Sebastian Fitzek is the first Audio Drama I have listened to.  It had excitement, twists and turns as a seemingly impossible hostage situation is being negotiated.  5*s from me – I loved every […]

Dirty Little Secrets by Jo Spain

Out Today (7th February) is Jo Spain’s latest great psychological thriller Dirty Little Secrets  ; my review is now up on Everyone gets on well in a small gated community, until 1 resident is found dead, and secrets begin to spill.  A great “curl up and enjoy” read, […]