Bad Sons by Oliver Tidy

Mystery and excitement in genuine locations

My rating: 5 out of 5

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David Booker returns to England to help his aunt and uncle pack up their bookstore for sale, only to find them missing.  His initial concerns soon turn to worry and fear as he finds himself implicated by the police and in danger too.

Bad SonsThe story is told by David in the first person (I), as he recounts what happened to him from the moment when he first wondered why his usually reliable aunt and uncle didn’t pick him up from the station. As the mystery deepens and the reader follows every step of David’s story, so I began to feel I really knew him; at one point telling him on the page what to do! As the police become involved so David begins to bond with DC Cash and they form an unlikely, but excellent, team determined to solve the mystery. Along the way there are chases, scary characters, night time mysterious happenings and some interesting historical facts drawn from WWII, which all culminate in a breath-taking ending.

Set in Dymchurch a real village on Romney Marsh, South East England, the action moves to Dungeness and the North Coast of France, mentioning genuine places along the way.

5*s from me, as alongside being a great, and involving, thriller I loved the reference to real places, and the historical operation was fascinating to google. I’m sorry I don’t live near enough to Dymchurch to visit the village.

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