The Fallen Agent by Oliver Tidy

Exciting and action filled thriller

My rating:  4 out of 5


A deadly terrorist attack is planned on London.  Can it be stopped, and, if so, what personal sacrifices will be needed?

The Fallen Agent

In order to gain information needed to prevent the attack, MI5 are prepared to give up one of their own  – Jess Albion.  But what if Jess doesn’t want to be handed over?   Jess and her ex-colleague and friend Nick use their training in evasion and undercover operations to escape capture, a journey that takes the reader to London, New Zealand and Albania. 

This is a great action thriller, with plenty of interesting information about Al Quaeda the Palestinian / Israeli conflict and, of course, MI5.    It is fast paced, with plenty of twists and surprises. 

 A 5* all the way through, until the ending which I found somewhat disappointing, and pushed my rating down to a 4*.    Still a great read though!

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