Being Alert! by Charlie Laidlaw @claidlawauthor

Laugh out loud political satire

My rating: 4 out of 5

A satirical look at what has been happening in the world of UK politics from January to August 2020, primarily focused on Covid-19.

This is a laugh out loud (irritatingly so – I am told 😮 ) look at what British politicians have been up to since Covid-19 hit the world.  It is also informative, interesting and thought provoking.   Of course it is also respectful towards those that have suffered terribly in these times – indeed the book is very much (to my mind) about how decisions made have effected the general public, and why they were made. 

I am not particularly interested in politics, and could not name (without Google) most of the current cabinet, however this book covers only the main players, with subtle name changes, and I was aware of everything that the author wrote about – most of the headline hitting news of this period.  I found the background information fascinating, so for me although this was satire it was also informative.

At the beginning of sections, “facts” are written in italics, so it is clear what is background information, and what is the author’s text. 

This excellent political satire avoids the subject of Brexit.

4*s from me.  I really enjoyed the book – indeed have already recommended it to friends and family.  I learnt a lot about the workings of politicians, and it was a light read in these difficult times.  There were occasions when I wasn’t certain whether I was reading fact or satire – perhaps that is what it is all about! 


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