Everyday Magic by Charlie Laidlaw

Heartwarming, funny and thought provoking

My rating:  5 out of 5

Carole is a mother and a wife and is living a life of everyday sameness.  She wonders how things have come to this.     Her husband is away on business, her teenage daughter holds the key to all knowledge, and Carole wonders why she seems to spend her whole day frowning.  Carole thinks back to her past, her life at university, her love of archaeology and past acquaintances.  How did she get from there to where she is now.  Then a few odd things happen.

Set in Scotland, this is a beautiful novel of life, and the reality of drifting through it or taking control.  It is heartwarming, laugh out loud funny, and very relevant to today’s lives – whether one is in a similar position to Carole, or not. 

5*s from me because the characters are so believable and the story magical.   There were pages  where I stopped and thought, times when I laughed out loud, and occasions when I nodded in agreement.   This is a story that will stay with me because of its uplifting message about change and moving forward.  Also, of course, I will never forget the cat!      

This book would make for a lively and fun book club discussion.

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