Belief by Chris Parker

Killer using the power of the mind     

My rating:  5 out of 5     


A gripping thriller that has the bad guy using his mind to influence / kill his victims.  Quite chilling, but mesmerising!

BeliefMarcus Kline is a master communicator who is struggling to come to terms with the impact  serial killer Ethan Hall has had on his life.  At the same time he is trying to help and support  his wife who has cancer.

When Ethan Hall escapes from custody, Marcus (and others) are fearful that he will use his powers of hypnosis and mind reading to kill again.

This is the 2nd book in the trilogy, but the first I have read.  It stands alone well, and everything is wrapped up at the end.   The story races along with plenty of heart stopping moments, twists and action.   I was shocked when I realised I was nearing the end of the book (I was using an e-book); I was so involved in the story I wanted it to be longer ( rare I say that).   I love all sorts of “mind reading” TV shows, and this was exactly that only in an exciting book.

I’ve given it a 5* rating; I read it whilst I was anxiously awaiting some news, and it took my mind off my worries – it’s that good!   I wish I had read the first book in the trilogy Influence, as I enjoyed this second book so much.  I’m looking forward to reading the third book Faith, which I understand is coming out in the summer of 2018


See also my review of Influence, the first book in this trilogy.  

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  1. The first book is fab. it is very slow up until about half way in but according to Chris when I asked him about it that was how it was meant to be. You gotta read it although there is a very gruesomely graphic part in it that actually had me ready to vomit.

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