Influence by Chris Parker

The power of influence     

My rating:  2 out of 5     


A killer is out there, seemingly choosing his victims without motive.  Can the power of his influence (and his murders) be halted?

InfluenceThere is a slow build up to the first murder in this book as the main characters are introduced –  Marcus Kline a master communicator, and his great friend DCI Peter Jones.   Marcus Kline’s  methods and working practices are described, and the novel explores the power of communication and influence, which gives the reader plenty to think (and talk) about.

Meanwhile background characters – Marcus’s wife, DCI Jones’ partner etc – are introduced, with interesting perspectives on the storyline.  The killer’s thoughts and actions are gradually introduced, as the story draws to an exciting end with twists and breath-holding moments.    

This is the first  book in Chris Parker’s trilogy.  It can be read as a stand-alone book – though I strongly recommend moving on to Book 2, Belief, which is brilliant!

I read the second book in the trilogy, Belief, first and gave it 5*s. I then read this one.    I found the background building in this book too protracted for my taste.  The rather gory description of a murder was definitely not for me, and so pushed the rating down to a 2*.  Readers who are happy with a bit of gore, will probably disagree with my rating.  The last few chapters of Influence are very similar in pace, style and excitement to Belief

I’m very much looking forward to Book 3 in the trilogy, but hoping the pace will be similar to Belief, and any murders are clever rather than violent. 

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