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Deadly Harm by Owen Mullen

Out now is Deadly Harm by Owen Mullen.  My review of it (and all his other books!) is now up on Mackenzie cares for and protects those that live at her women’s refuge.  Then a thrilling chain of events raises the question of just how far one […]

Moms of the Missing by Steffen Hou

Out tomorrow (15 October) is Moms of the Missing by Steffen Hou.  My review of this remarkable non-fiction book is now up on Raising awareness of abductions in the US, including giving the victims a voice, how the parents (specifically the mothers) cope, plus advice that may […]

The Good Cop by Peter Steiner

My review of the historical fiction thriller The Good Cop by Peter Steiner, is now up on     Set in Munich, between the two wars, Hitler is becoming known and corruption is hindering the police force from solving crimes.  5*s from me for this perfect blend of […]

The Retreat by Sherri Smith

Out tomorrow (13th August) is The Retreat by Sherri Smith.  My review is now up on 4 young women go on a weekend treat.  Right from the beginning we know that a murder takes place, but who is the murderer? Not the book for me, but loads […]

Believe Me by JP Delaney

My review of Believe Me by JP Delaney is now up on Set in New York, this is a pacey and dynamic thriller with plenty of twists and excitement.  Can Claire get the job done without becoming personally involved? Written in a light and easy to read […]

Bad Sons by Oliver Tidy

My review of Bad Sons by Oliver Tidy is now up on .   I loved this book.  It was a great and involving thriller  (at one point I shouted advice to the main character!),  and I enjoyed the references to real places, together with some history thrown […]

Good Grief by Jon Rance

  My review of Good Grief by Jon Rance is now up on  It is an uplifting tale of 2 people looking for a future.  A story of friendship, real life issues and how two very different people can help each other.   Wonderful! All the best.  Emma