#amreading – What, Why, While :   Darren, Andrew and Mrs Hall by RJ Gould @RJGould_author

What (am I currently reading)?

I am currently reading the contemporary fiction Darren, Andrew and Mrs Hall by RJ Gould.  This wonderful novel is being published on 29 March 2023. 

Book Blurb   

A tale of two husbands, two wives, and the woman in between.

It is a June day and the rain is lashing down as Emma and Andrew move into the house of their dreams in an affluent London suburb. Two doors away, dejected Darren and Kelly are downsizing into their new home.

It doesn’t take long for the women to hit it off despite being opposites in many ways. Meanwhile Andrew, a teacher and poet, and Darren, an alarm systems installer, are at loggerheads from the word go.

When Emma and Kelly decide to take breaks away together – to a spa, a countryside retreat, the Scottish Highlands – their men feel abandoned. Their animosity grows and the loyalty to their wives is tested when Mrs Hall moves in as their in-between neighbour. But who exactly is this woman and what game is she playing?

The wives return from a stay in Scotland to discover that a lot has changed. Will their marriages be robust enough to survive?

The eBook can be pre-ordered at:  mybook.to/Darren

For more about RJ Gould, and his books, visit his website at: https://www.rjgould.info/

Why (have I chosen to read it)?

Because I have read and enjoyed many of RJ Gould’s previous books.  I love this author’s take on what makes people tick – their positives, their foibles and how life can deal them a blow, but it’s likely things will turn out ok in the end.  All told in an easy to read style, with humour and insightful looks at what makes us all human. 

Here are just some of the books I have read by RJ Gould, click on the picture to see my review. (Some of the covers have changed since I read the books)

While (I am reading it)

On Thursday I wend for my last walk up the mountain for this winter season – my ticket has run out of points.  Nothing quite beats walking out from the clouds to blue sky and amazing views. The birds were singing, a woodpecker was pecking, and it was a great “last snowy hike of the season”.

All the best,  Emma of EmmabBooks.com

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