Dishonoured by Jem Tugwell

Who would do that? Why? Wow!

My rating:  5 out of 5

An exciting psychological thriller with few characters, and plenty of “who did it”. 

Dan has just sold his business.  He is looking forward to enjoying his wealth and spending more time with his wife and children.  Then the unimaginable happens sending his dreams crashing, and a video of him out into the unforgiving world.  Who did this to Dan, and why?  Can Dan work it out, and can he get this life back on track?   How someone can go from a successful businessman to rock bottom almost overnight is alarming, and Dan’s scenario seems very plausible.  I was therefore right with Dan in his attempts to get his life back on course and find out who did this to him.

Reading this really drew me in, as I was so  involved as to who did it – and kept reading to see how Dan would manage day by day.  What happened after Dan got a criminal record  was interesting, in terms of society’s reaction and law enforcement.  The ending was just stunning!

5*s from me as I found myself really involved with Dan, and his predicament.  It was interesting to see how someone in Dan’s position was treated by the public, his peers and the law, and to wonder if this (or something similar) could happen to any of us.   What an ending!

Though this is a very different genre to Jem Tugwell’s previous techno thrillers Proximity and No Signal, his writing remains as gripping and thrilling in this new book.  What a great author Jem Tugwell is.

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