No Signal by Jem Tugwell

Very exciting near future thriller

My rating: 5 out of 5

Set in the very near future an Augmented Reality game is being set up, with big prizes.  10 contestants are being sought to take part in the preliminary knock out game, of which 4 will move onto the true game where they will need skill, ingenuity and determination to succeed. 

No SignalIn the UK personal technology has reached the point where everyone has a device embedded in them to help them with everyday tasks.  Some see this as progression, others as infringement of personal liberties.  Clive, a bored policeman, dislikes his embedded device.  It doesn’t let him eat what he wants, and as everyone can be traced via the device, it has made his job of tracking down criminals very boring.  Until, that is, 4 tourists enter the UK, and achieve the impossible by going off grid. 

This thriller has suspense, loads of action, great characters and a storyline that made me realise just how close we are to this sort of technology. 

This is the second book in the iMe series.  Both read well as stand alone books, but I recommend reading them both. 

5*s from me for this exciting thriller that adds to a great story by using technology that seems only a short step away from where we are now.   This, and Jem Tugwell’s previous book Proximity, give plenty of material to discuss with friends about how technology might progress in the very near future, and whether this is a positive step or a very frightening one. 

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