Family by Owen Mullen

Fast paced gangland thriller

My rating:  4 out of 5

Two opposing London gangster families with scores to be settled.

Luke Glass, younger son of the powerful Glass family, comes out of prison and wants to change his life, get away from the family business, and go straight.   His sister Nina has life and death personal matters to worry about.  Luke’s older brother Danny is intent on keeping Team Glass on track and on top. 

As with all of Owen Mullen’s books this thriller starts with drama.  Tensions run high throughout and with plenty of action and tension included everyone’s nerves are stretched from beginning to end (the characters’ and the reader’s!)  Twists, turns and police corruption make this an exciting and gripping read.

4*s from me, because I found it a little too gritty for my tastes, but even so a great read.  Gangland thrillers probably aren’t really my thing, I prefer at least some of the characters to be the sort of person I might enjoy an evening out with.  However this author is so brilliant I may have to review my thoughts about this genre.  Rumour has it that a second book in this series in on the way 😊  . I’ve read all of this author’s thrillers, and they are all exciting and great reads. 

Note: The 2nd book in this series – The Glass Family Series – is now available, and called Insider. See below.

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