Insider by Owen Mullen

Tense London crime thriller

My rating:  4 out of 5

Luke Glass is in control of his London crime territory, so when 3 of his operations take a hit on the same night something is seriously wrong.

Luke’s sister is missing, the tame policemen isn’t doing his job, and then when everything is in turmoil comes the biggest shock of all.  In this character led thriller, Luke Glass and his family need to find out where the threat to their business operations is coming from – and whether there is a threat from within.  Meantime the action continues at a pace and tensions rise.

This is the second book in Owen Mullen’s The Glass Family series, I hear a third is due in 2022.  This second book is definitely a great read as a stand-alone, but I recommend reading Book 1 in the series Family first.  The ending to Insider ties everything up well, but certainly leave the reader wanting more.

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  1. I don’t read many thrillers, but that’s only because I have so many other books to read, but this series looks like a good one. Excellent review.

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