Free to be Tegan by Mary Grand

Life After Leaving a Religious Cult     

My rating:  4 out of 5     


This wonderful novel opens as 27 year old Tegan is being cast out from her Community into a world shFree to be Tegane left 22 years before.  Ending up in Wales she is bewildered at the decisions she is required to make in this “outside world”,  small things like what sort of milk she wants seem overwhelming given her background.  Used to being told what to do at all times, Tegan finds it difficult to adjust into a life where she has choices, but little experience on which to base them.    The novel follows Tegan as she tries to overcome her brainwashing/life’s training.  As she begins to enjoy the wonders of nature and everyday life, she is also trying to cope with the loss of leaving behind everyone and everything  she has ever known.

Mary Grand draws an amazing picture of the village life that Tegan finds herself in.  If this was a true story, I could take you around the village and tell you all about the people and what has been going on – the writing is that involving and realistic.  Indeed often whilst reading the book I wondered if this was a true story turned into a novel .

This is a book with a strong and involving story with plenty of action and heart stopping moments; no sex and minimal violence.  A book to make you think about life, and what it is that makes people behave the way they do.

Recommended to all readers who like a well researched novel , a great story and a fascinating subject.



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