How to Destroy your Husband by Jess Kitching

Twisty and fast moving psychological thriller

Cassie had given up on men and was ignoring the “clock ticking” comments by her family, until she met Jamie who was  perfect in every way.  One month before their wedding Cassie discovers Jamie isn’t at all the perfect man she thinks he is, and she plots her revenge.

This novel has it all: humour, tension, shocks and plenty of twists.  It also has some dark moments.   

The story is told from Cassie’s point of view, and the fast moving plot, and the strength of characters meant that, despite my misgivings about what Cassie was doing, I had to see the book through to find out how it turned out.  It is not often I put aside things I ought to be doing to get back to a book, but this was one of those. 

4*s from me, because actually the theme of revenge is not for me.  However I loved Jess Kitching’s previous thriller  The Girl She Was Before , so just had to read this one.  I found myself totally wrapped up in what was happening in How to Destroy your Husband, and recommend this to anyone who wants an exciting, fast moving plot, with some great twists.    

I am so excited to hear that Jess Kitching is now signed up with Kingsley Publishers for 8 books – I shall be reading them all! 

Publisher:  Kingsley Publishers

Published:  23 October 2022

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