The Girl She Was Before by Jess Kitching     

Fast moving, engaging thriller 

My rating:  5 out of 5

Nat has returned home to the beautiful seaside town she was bullied in as a child, and is now part of a great group of friends and successful in life.   Then there is a car crash …

A psychological thriller with few characters and plenty of suspense.  As the reader follows Nat through her social media influencer life, where the small town view her as a celebrity, it seems she has it all.  A wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, live in nanny and an assistant who keeps everything running smoothly.  But as much as Nat tries to forget the hard times at school, there are memories she can’t forget, and its not only her who is remembering. 

Definitely “I’ll just read a few more pages” type of book, until close to the end when it becomes a “everything can wait, I need to finish this” type of book. 

5*s from me as this thriller has everything – excitement, a few characters for the reader to be suspicious about, plenty of “what would I do in that position”, thought provoking issues of bullying and social media influencers and all the while totally involving.  The story flowed well, kept my interest from beginning to end and I just loved it! 

Wow, I look forward to more thrillers from Jess Kitching! 

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