Inside the Whispers by AJ Waines

My rating:  5 out of 5

Gripping and involving psychological thriller

A psychological thriller where the psychologist is trying to work out why 3 of her patients appear to be lying about a recent traumatic event that has given them severe Post Traumatic Stress.    

Clinical psychologist Samantha has recently starting working at St Lukes Hospital  as a trauma counsellor.  She loves her job, until some of her patients don’t respond to her help with tragic results.  As Samantha starts to look into what went wrong, she begins to realise that something very odd is going on, something she needs to keep quiet from the police until she has worked out what is going on.

Samantha is a great character, she is concerned about her clients, then her boyfriend starts acting oddly, and then her sister turns up on her doorstep, expecting to move into her one bedroom flat. 

5*s from me as I loved this from the dramatic opener, right through to the great ending.  The story flowed well and  I found it gripping.  I was completely involved with Samantha, wondering how on earth it was all going to turn out.   

This is the first book in the Samantha Willerby Mystery Series.   I understand there are 4 books in the series.  This books reads perfectly as a stand alone book, but I am keen to read more of the series soon. 

This is the first book I have read by this author – a great start! Interested to see that she was a psychotherapist for 15 years. 

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Book 3 in the series
Book 2 in the Samantha Willerby series.

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