Perfect Bones by AJ Waines

Book 3 in the Samantha Willerby Mystery Series (can also be read as standalone)

Can psychology help solve the crime?

Aiden witnessed a horrific crime, the trauma of which has left him unable to speak.  Dr Sam Willerby  (a clinical psychologist) has just 7 days to find out what he saw, and help the police find the perpetrator.  Can she do it?

Meanwhile the story has occasional flashbacks to women disappearing. Is there a link to what Aiden saw, and the disappearing women?

This is very much a two main characters story, with Sam working with Aiden to try to help him recall memories of what he saw, without adding to his trauma.  Alongside there are other storylines going on that add interest, and background to Sam and Aiden’s story. These include Sam’s relationship with her sister, the police operation, and maybe a relationship in the offing for Sam. 

I loved the first 2 thirds of this book, got a little distracted after that, and then the ending brought me back fully into what was happening.  Fascinating psychology, great story. This is the 3rd book in the 4 part series (each book can be read as standalone), and I would recommend this author to anyone who enjoy a psychological thriller (AJ Waines was a psychologist before she turned to full time writing). 

I look forward to reading Cut You Dead, Book 4, in this Samantha Willerby Mystery series to find out where Sam goes next in her private and work life.    

Set in:  London

Publisher:  Bloodhound Books

Published:  November 2018

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