Jailbird by Caro Savage

Audiobook narrated by: Genevieve Swallow

Heart racing thriller

Detective Constable Bailey Morgan agrees to go undercover into a women’s prison to discover how drugs are being smuggled in and, more importantly to Bailey, to find out who killed the last police officer working undercover in the same prison.

The everyday life of prisoners, the drugs and the boredom – at least as seen from Bailey’s perspective, and the constant fear that she would be found out, made this into a thriller that had my heart pumping and me shouting out to Bailey to get herself out of there fast.

This is definitely a thriller to get your heart racing, with scary characters, twists and turns and lots of action going on. There is violence from the first chapter, but it was pertinent to the story, and though some scenes were awful, they were not too detailed.

I listened to this fast moving thriller as an audiobook, and couldn’t wait to get back out exercising (when I listen to audiobooks) to see how Bailey was getting on.  Genevieve Swallow does a great job of depicting the various characters in a natural and engaging way. 

This is the first of a 3 book series (so far?) featuring Bailey Morgan, the fact that I have read all 3 completely out of order, testifies to the fact that though they are part of a series, they are also great “stand alone” reads. 

Set in:   England

Publisher:  Boldwood Books

Release Date:  October 2019

Audiobook Narrated by:  Genevieve Swallow

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